Point G- Chicken Coma/Confusion

Artist: POINT G
1. Chicken Coma (Unreleased Pass)
2. Confusion
Real Tone rolls out the red carpet as we welcome a very special guest to our ranks, the inimitable Point G.
A side project of the great DJ Gregory, Point G is an alias used by the French producer to explore a gritty, raw sound steeped in abstract vibes but with a very basic approach, which makes it all the more captivating. Stripping away all the unecessary baggage that comes with some of today’s music, Point G’s productions suck you into a deep, dark abyss where subtlety and simplicity reign supreme. They embody an alternative take on US deep house with G’s personal touch and a sprinkling of French romance..
Point G unveils two tracks from years gone by that eclipse many of today’s productions. The first is Chicken Coma, a much sought after cult classic that was his very first release under the Point G monicker. Trying to find an original

 vinyl copy of this is an almost impossible task, which makes this unreleased version, with its sparse yet heavy dub influence, very special. In fact the Real Tone crew uncovered this mix themselves while searching through Point G’s lost DATs and tapes, dedication to the cause in full effect we’re sure you’ll
On the flip side is Confusion, another track from the mid-90s that has never seen the light of day – a precious gem which was also rediscovered during Real Tone’s treasure hunt. Point G is back by popular demand with plenty more new music on the way. Watch this space and prepare for the assault…

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