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Visionquest Reveal Footprintz Debut Album ‘Escape Yourself’

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Visionquest Reveal Footprintz Debut Album 'Escape Yourself'Every journey has its beginning, and as the opening chords of ‘The Things That Last Forever’ give way to a hypnotic bassline, you know you’re on your way. Basslines form a key part of the Footprintz sound, acting as an anchor from which vocal melodies, synth lines and warm chords weave around in an often psychedelic style. Debut single, ‘Utopia’, exemplifies this ethic with its synth flirtations and optimistic vocal musings adding layers upon a solid core.

As Clarian and Addy say, “We wanted to work around a concept of escaping the confused years of growing up. 16-25, those are the years where you’re figuring yourself out, going through the motions of meeting different people and finding new things”.Tracks like ‘Uncertain Change’ and recent single ‘Dangers of The Mouth’ tackle this subject head on, focusing on the insecurities that arise from growing up. ‘Zanzibar’ takes a lighter approach, touching on the innocence of youth that brings with it, its own simple pleasures.

What becomes apparent throughout ‘Escape Yourself’ is a real craftsmanship toFootprintz’s songwriting. Each track reveals a little more on each listen, aided by the slick production work, done predominantly by the guys themselves in their Montreal bunker studio full of analogue equipment, odd instruments and a fridge laden with ‘special brownies’; which goes some way to explain a noirish-haze that permeates through the album.

Having met at an afterparty aged 15, Clarian North & Adam Hunter have experienced most of their adult life together. ‘Escape Yourself’ distills their experiences, wraps them in a warm analogue fuzz and shares them with the listener. You join them on their journey, and deep down they hope it helps you shape your own.

Ejeca – Frequency EP (Preview)+ Hi Rollin (Official Video)

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Ejeca - Frequency EPLast Night On Earth add yet more undeniable talent on the cusp of serious recognition, as they release Ejeca’s latest EP ‘Frequency’ Out Now.

In recent months Ejeca has been thrust into the limelight following an outstanding collaboration with Bicep, with his solo work receiving high praise from the likes of Pete Tong,  Jackmaster and of course, Sasha.

Last Night On Earth continues to support and pluck artists that are turning heads, with Ejeca at the forefront of ushering in the recent heavy 90’s revival. His nu-house, garage style is ever present in his latest ‘Frequency’ EP.

The first two tracks ‘Hi Rollin’ and ‘Neva 2 Far’ are dripping with classic vocals and vintage house sound. ‘Nassau Storm’ brings a dubby side to the EP, while ‘Time For Change’ adds calming intelligent beats fused with soul.

Last Night On Earth hit the spot once again as the supreme Ejeca puts out another incredible release.

Ejeca “Frequency” EP

 (Last Night On Earth) LNOE015

1. Hi Rollin

2. Neva 2 Far

3. Nassau Storm

3. Time For Change

Ejeca – Hi Rollin (Official Video)

Download:Dobie – Twitter Riddim

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Dobie is a legendary figure in British bass music and beyond. From working on the first two Soul II Soul albums, he went on to produce London Posse’s all-time classic “How’s Life In London?” before recording a solo LP for Pussyfoot, “The Sound Of One Hand Clapping,” which went some way to defining the “trip hop” sound now enjoying something of a rebirth. In between he has remixed everyone from Bjork, Massive Attack, Les Negress Vertes and Tricky to Gangstarr, Wooky and Wiley and recorded for a host of labels including Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood and BBE, as well as producing and mixing for the aforementioned Roots Manuva. And that’s before you even get into his time as a legendary skateboarder and a photographer of that crowd as well as the nascent UK hip hop scene. A truly amazing figure, his role in Black British culutre from the ’90s onward is a story waiting to be told. His new album, “We Will Not Harm You,” will be released on Big Dada in February 2013.

Download:Dobie – Twitter Riddim

Moiré – ‘Never Sleep’ EP Released 4 February on Werkdiscs / Ninja Tune

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frontWERKDISCS are proud to announce the debut EP – Never Sleep – from London based producer Moiré. This is the result of a lack of sleep – the obsessive expressions of a mind inspired by the city and the scene that has surrounded him for a long time. INTO – is something that takes you deep. Beautiful, intense and uncompromising sounds are layered into a cacophonous, shimmering wall that taps into that raw sound of the city that inspires this EP. This release signals the arrival of a talented artist pushing his creative boundaries.

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Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X – ‘The Perfect Blues’ (Remixes)(Stream)

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Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X - 'The Perfect Blues' (Remixes)Taken from Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X ‘The Perfect Blues’ (Remixes) – Out Now on Ninja Tune

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Lapalux- Nostalchic+Guuurl(Stream)

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In a world in which upstart DiY talent is flooding the gates of electronic music, a few recent voices have been so strong as to be startling. Lapalux – AKA 25-year-old Stuart Howard – is certainly one such. As singular as a brilliant artist always should be, his instinctive understanding of the atmospheric power of texture grips the ear immediately on listening. ‘Nostalchic’ is his debut album, mission statement, and the climax of many years of studying his craft. The amalgam of words that make the title is aptly, and perhaps knowingly chosen. The album evokes nostalgia without ever sounding nostalgic, and Howard may have had his tongue in his chic when he added the second half of the title. The album is his most focused document to date, adding his beloved R&B and soul into elements of house and hip hop, all with the trademark Lapalux finish; infectious, lopsided swing and achingly deep texture.

‘Nostalchic’ not only has all the hallmarks of a great album – a sense of cohesive purpose, its own themes, arcs and internal logic – it’s an album that could only have been made in electronic music. Howard understands the power and capabilities that are offered by his form, and he’s used them to the full. To this day, Lapalux remains the only British artist on the Los Angeles based label.


08 MARCH – Jesus Club, St.Petersburg
09 MARCH – Club 16 Tons, Moscow
13 MARCH – The Bulls Head, Birmingham
14 MARCH – The Green Door Store, Brighton
15 MARCH – Theme, Portsmouth
16 MARCH – Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich
20 MARCH – Islington Mill, Manchester
21 MARCH – Dance Tunnel, London
22 MARCH – Liquid Room, Edinburgh
23 MARCH – Stealth, Nottingham
27 MARCH – Venue TBA, Dublin
28 MARCH – Broadcast, Glasgow
29 MARCH – The Thekla, Bristol
30 MARCH – Bungalows and Bears, Sheffield
04 APRIL – Landet, Stockholm
05 APRIL – Gretchen, Berlin
06 APRIL – Motel Mozaique, Rotterdam
12 APRIL – Venue TBA, Bucharest
24 APRIL – Musicbox, Lisbon
26 APRIL – Venue TBA, Krakow, Poland
27 APRIL – Venue TBA, Poznan, Poland
03 MAY – Cafe Leopold, Vienna, Austria
10 MAY – Post Club, Madrid, Spain
11 MAY – Oh Yeah Music Centre, Belfast
17 MAY – TBA, Australia
18 MAY – TBA, Australia
24 MAY – TBA, Australia
25 MAY – TBA, Australia

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Jacob Phono & Jens Bond – No Cure EP

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Jacob Phono & Jens Bond - No Cure EPCityfox starts its 2013 with the first release of the year and the labels most housy record up to date. ‘No Cure’ is a dancefloor mover with brilliant simplicity and earworm vocal.

‘Su-She’ brings the coolness on the plate and warms you up in the cold winter months. Either in freezing Europe or somewhere at the beach in any summer states, these tracks will heal you, though.

You don’t need No Cure? Well, Audiojack’s ‘Jam On Mars Remix’ adds their signature medicine and Gregorythme’s tooly interpretation balances the whole package into one perfect recipe.

Release Date: