HVOB – HVOB(album preview)

It’s the culmination of what has been a roller coaster debut year: the eponymous debut album by the phenomenal Vienna duo HVOB is a lesson in how versatile, intelligent and creative electronic music can be.

It’s been just twelve months since the first snippets appeared on Soundcloud, during which time the young electronic duo HVOB (short for “Her Voice over Boys”) have been causing a real stir throughout Europe.

HVOB have been a hit with the most influential music blogs and with the public: acclaimed appearances at the likes of Germany’s MELT! Festival, number 4 in the Beatport Deep House charts with their debut EP “Dogs”, number 10 in the Top Live Acts of the Year and number 11 in the Best Singles of 2012 in DE:BUG‘s readers’ poll.

Vienna-born Anna Müller (composition, production, vocals) and Paul Wallner (composition and final production) are kicking off the second year of their collaborative project with another release, only this time with more than just tantalising snippets: their eagerly anticipated debut LP, “HVOB”, released 8th April in the UK, contains twelve tracks that showcase the duo’s distinctive sound – intelligent and sophisticated, emotive and melodic.

The opening track “Hold Your Horses” could be a signature tune for HVOB: organic beats, soft piano sounds and Anna Müller’s stunning voice give way to compelling deep house. Further highlights of the album include the single “Jack” with its emotive beats, the complex electronic ballad “Fog Machine”, and “Always Like This”, HVOB’s interpretation of the track by British indie rock band Bombay Bicycle Club.

Release date: Monday, 08/April/2013
Track list:
1. Hold Your Horses
2. Let’s Keep This Quiet
3. Jack (All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy)
4. Fog Machine
5. Always Like This
6. Dogs
7. Moon
8. Pay As You Go Mobile Phone
9. Heavy Seas
10. Reason
11. The Last Song Ever Written
12. Ocean Bed


Dogs (Original Mix)


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