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WatchTheDuck Debut EP “Anatidaephobia” (STREAM)

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Watch The Duck  Debut EP AnatidaephobiaWith every genre comes a set of rules,” Eddie says. “Electronic dance music and dubstep have their rules just as much as R&B and hip-hop and it took us a minute to learn that. We abandoned our rules… It’s not that we don’t believe in them, it’s just I don’t think we need them anymore“.
The trio decided to make drastic changes in their lives, their comfort level, their location and their music to the unknown of Atlanta.

They moved into this house they called FreedomVille. It was off of Freedom Park and it is here that they decided to dabble in a bit of ultraviolence we now know as WatchTheDuck and Anatidaephobia. “Push the musical envelope, Push the boundaries and seriously be fun,” Jesse says.
Jesse, Eddie and Jonathan had a phrase that had long before become a mantra of sorts: WatchTheDuck. “Everybody sees the duck traveling smoothly on top of the water,” Eddie says. “But nobody sees it kicking hard as hell under it, struggling to stay afloat.”

They honed their sound and hosted house parties, a scene emerged. Little Five Points ATL and FreedomVille became their epicenter for likeminded friends and neighbors who wanted to be a part of this chaos and ethos.

“It’s hitting a note with people who have been searching for the same thing we’ve been searching for,” Eddie says. “Like minds are coming together. The only rule is be yourself. ”
WatchTheDuck carries an authenticity of soul and R&B much thanks to the raw distinctively soulful vocals of Jesse, many who have compared to Jimi Hendrix, Cee Lo and Al Green. “You will always hear our roots in our music,” says Jonathan, “There will always be a little bit of Alabama in us. That’s the soul and 808 you see – but there was no dance music scene in Montgomery, Alabama, so we picked that up in our travels. We don’t believe we have to stick to the rules of any genre. We allow ourselves to get lost in it.”
“FreedomVille” video explores this revelation – The girl is running through the house, curious to see what’s behind each door. She also represents our own struggle to each doing our own thing and how at first we were scared of it,” Jonathan adds.

To WatchTheDuck, FreedomVille is not a physical place, it’s state mind where they always live and plot to abduct as many people possible. Home is where the party is, “Freedomville” is ground zero of WatchTheDuck’s journey to creating authentic, revolutionary, dancefloor-igniting music. For WatchTheDuck, the house party’s end is a long time coming.

Track Listing:
Lost In It
Round-Here Dreams feat. Trinidad Jame$
Girfriend ??
Poppin’ Off

Nico Luminous – Music Is My Spaceship

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Nico Luminous‘Music is my spaceship ..I use it to go .. far away places .. that are deep in my head , .. I wish I could take you .. come along come along..’

Well so go the lyrics for the title track of this latest outing from the multitalented Nico Luminous that will have most folks appreciating ‘trap-esque’ music in a whole new way, especially when it’s delivered as a futuristic super-funk version of soul music with a fair amount of ‘Glitch’ and ‘Dub’ influences thrown in for good measure.

Nico Luminous has a signature style of “Glitch-a-delic Soul Whomp” that fuses melodic progressions, futuristic sound design and organic elements into sexy bass rollers and some epic drops. His DJ sets are geared toward Dubstep and Glitch Hop with a psychedelic twist. As a Beatboxer/MC, Nico uses his custom effects pedal belt to live loop his beatboxing and vocals skills into crunked out hip-hop rhythms that add a unique ‘organic’ feel to his show. 
Currently on a US national tour with Lafa Taylor, catch Nico Luminous at a venue or festival near you when you can, you will not be disappointed.