Funk Globo: The Sounds Of Neo Baile(Preview)

Funk Globo The Sounds Of Neo BaileWelcome to Neo Baile, an innovative take on the traditional sounds and aesthetics of Brazil’s Baile Funk (or Funk Carioca). This brilliant compilation has been put together by two of the movement’s most knowledgeable players: Sao Paulo-based Funk na Caixa akaRenato Martins and London-based Sean Casey aka Bumps, founder of Club Popozuda.
The compilation is a global masterpiece, featuring established names such as DJ Comdrade aka Xao, Sao Paulo-based MC Gi and Rio-based Maga Bo, who has been producing Brazilian-flavoured bass music since the early 00s. Alongside these are upcoming artists Ophex from Lithuania, Ckrono & Slesh from Italy, Gato Preto from Mozambique,Chuck Upbeat from Moscow and London-based Bumps.

As a bonus the compilation also features the first lady of Funk, DeizeTigrona,who has previously collaborated with  Diplo, MIA and Buraka Som Sistema.

A truly global compilation, ‘Funk Globo: The Sounds of Baile Funk’ is a don’t-miss-it release from Mr Bongo, and will be released on the 22nd July 2013.

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