Rebirth – The Silent Hearts(Stream)

Rebirth - The Silent HeartsRebirth is the name of the current project of Devin Kroes, a California based producer. Kroes began his musical training at the young age of five, taking on every instrument he could get his hands on.

After being introduced to electronic music production, he shifted his focus to creating
melodically driven bass music that uplifts the soul and enlightens the mind.

Taking a step back from the Glitch Hop genre stereotypes, Rebirth creates his own style using seductive bass, tantalizing measures, and curious bass lines.

Rebirth has created an organic and cleansing sound that will be sure to clear your pallet for a new taste in electronic music. Fusing bubbling bass with rich soundscapes and ancient melodies, he seeks to break free from the traditional ideas of genre and transport listeners into another dimension.

Rebirth has enriched and revitalized his name with grazing and diverse style fresh out of the Bay Area with his new album, ‘The Silent Hearts’ out June 3rd on Street Ritual. Experimenting and dabbling with the humble sounds of the Middle East, he has recreated his own masterpiece that is sure to enlighten and inspire.

“The name of this project directly reflects its intention. I want people to truly find themselves through the music and be reborn, walking away with a better sense of their higher purpose.”

Reborn we are with the freshest new compositions around. ‘The Silent Hearts’ is a pure example of old ideas blended with a dash of fresh styles, beats and production genius. The Middle Eastern roots embedded within this release stick true to Rebirth’s ideologies and expectations to his fans.

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