Download Guy Gerber’s New ‘Who’s Stalking Who?’ album

Who_s_Stalking_Who_artworkYou’ve probably already heard about Guy Gerber’s majestic weekly ‘Wisdom Of The Glove’ residency which is currently wowing crowds in Ibiza’s iconic Pacha nightclub. Now you can get a taste for that Ibiza magic as Guy Gerber shares his new ‘Who’s Stalking Who?’ album as a free download.

Download Guy Gerber ‘Who’s Stalking Who?’

‘Who’s Stalking Who?’ will also be available via Pacha Magazine’s covermount CD in Ibiza.

1. One Arm Man Blues (Intro) 00:31
2. The Night of the Glove 08:56
3. I Never Wandered Where Your Heart Beats 04:02
4. Disorientation (2013 Version) 04:06
5. 25 Stitches 04:54
6. Can I Borrow Your Knife 06:10
7. Sign Of The Times 04:40
8. Who’s Stalking Who? 05:52
9. Chaim- Blue Shadows (GG White Isle Remake) 08:47
10. Irma and Lynda Bang The Drums 05:52
11. Run Herman, Run (Outro) 02:06


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