Robert Babicz – ‘The Owl and the Butterfly'(Preview)

Robert Babicz - the owl and the butterflyWhen you’re a producer as sensitively tuned into your environment as Robert Babicz, music production goes far deeper than basslines, drums and melodies.

‘The Owl and The Butterfly’, the final in the artist’s trilogy for Systematic Recording, is an album driven not by the science of music creation, but rather Babciz’s own deep connection, or ‘oneness’ with nature he experienced during walks through the Königsforest near his home in Cologne.
The resulting twenty-track opus is a seamless journey through the inimitable ‘Babiczstyle’ of house, techno and electronica; it’s edges polished smoothed, it’s basslines beating with an organic pulse, the album putting the listener at the core of his musical psyche, led first and foremost by feeling and instinct.


1. Venus Transit
2. Dream Sequence
3. A Girl From Jupiter
4. Dream Sequence 2
5. Red Lips (Rob Neo Dub Mix)
6. Dream Sequence 3
7. Crazy feat. Ange
8. Dream Sequence 4
9. Bensberg
10. Dream Sequence 5
11. Sonntag (Rework)
12. Dream Sequence 6
13. Drop
14. Getting Something To Drink
15. On The Streets
16. Sydney Beach
17. Grab Your Shoes
18. At The Forest
19. Cogito Ergo Sum
20. Flow feat. Karen Vogt


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