Bosconi Stallions – Apacz

Bosco022_BosconiStallionsApacz_CoverArtworkWebARounding up the finest of our rare breeds for a show-stopping steeplechase, Bosconi is proud to invite the world into our stables to demonstrate the sound we have been rearing for the past five years.

Leaping from the stocks in a flurry of high-pedigree house and techno, our Stallions bring forth the values we hold dear in electronic music, from young foals such as Herva and Nicholas to seasoned steeds like A Guy Called Gerald and Nick Anthony Simoncino.

After youʼve appreciated only by instinct the quality of the new home-grown Bosconi horses, thanks to the mix proposed by Bosconi Soundsystem (Fabio Della Torre, Rufus, Mass Prod & Alex Picone) has finally come forward to present the first of the four records of the saga Bosconi Stallions: in honor to Apacz between house and disco, he will be the first thoroughbred that will guide us through the first stage of this historic project that will revolutionize Bosconi Records. In his adventure will come accompanied by Herva foal to race, with its powerful Stay, followed by Rondenion with the dawning output Sunrize that bridges the solar Put The Man Out of Riccio until the darkest Voices of San Proper & The Clover. It is the beginning of a long ride but absolutely pleasure.

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