Self Fish “Another”

SELFISH ANOTHERSF based music and production crew MalLabel is proud to import this latest release from the cutting edge musical duo Self Fish – “Another.” Russian natives Nikolay Denisov (Nik) and Daria Mutovkina (Dasha) live over 100 miles apart and have never met face to face but joined forces over the internet o create an entity with a spirit of its own. With this, their 2nd EP, they take their lyrically infused dubs to a new deep and otherworldly level.

Once again Self Fish showcases their range and ability to keep dark music on the lighter side. “Another” is well balanced… Heavy in bass but sweet in nature. Both Nik and Dasha agree that groove and harmony are the most important elements of music and this clearly shines through in their production. The duo doesn’t ascribe to any genre limitations, keeping their tracks innovative and dynamic.

Soulful seductive female vocals are echoed by haunting synthetic robot growls. A cloudy sonic dreamscape is woven together with energetic and intricate rhythms. Alluring and ethereal yet driven with aggressive beats, this new album cleverly blends dubstep with elements of UK Garage and ambient 2-step… “Another” unlocks the dark and mysterious and carves grooves into the uplifting.

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