Eskimo Recordings Presents the Pink Collection

Eskimo Recordings pink collectionRecently celebrating a decade of releases with an anniversary boxset, the acclaimed Ghent based imprint with a rich history welcomes the inception of a new series based around colours with ´The Pink Collection´. An exquisite selection of 13 brand new songs – all produced exclusively for this concept, this labour of love marks the dawn for a new decade of Eskimo Recordings.

An effortless journey encompassing a range of sounds through indie dance, nu disco and electronica, it’s reassuring to find that Eskimo still stands for timeless quality and originality. A worldly assemblage of young artists including Kasper BjorkeBrynjolfurSatin Jackets and Copycat each provide their own dreamy sonic escape here. From psychedelic daytime disco and lush modern club sounds with a pop sheen to epic cosmic-scapes with atmospheric moods and chugging hypnotic grooves, ‘The Pink Collection’ is as inviting as an infinity pool.

Label: Eskimo Recordings

Cat no: 541416506032
Distribution: NEWS Belgium
Released: Monday September 2nd, 2013


  1. Holy Models – Swimming
  2. Satin Jackets – Olivia
  3. Brynjolfur – I Love You (Original Mix)
  4. Made in Sane – Flying Circuits
  5. Mastercris feat. Novika – Most Valued
  6. Ichisan – Jugoton
  7. Martin Brodin – Lazise 1979
  8. Majestique – Must Get There (Original Mix)
  9. The Living Islands – Stars On The Sea (Blue Dub Version)
  10. ATTAR! feat. Cherry – The Fool
  11. Golden Fleece – Egg On Legs
  12. Copycat – Waste Of Space
  13. Kasper Bjørke – The Grey Area

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