‘The Sound of Belgium’ 4CD Soundtrack released November / First UK Screenings Next Week


‘The Sound of Belgium’ is an award-winning documentary by director Jozef Devillé that explores the rich but untold story of Belgian dance music, from the grand dance halls with Decap organs and the golden days of Popcorn onto the dark and cold Electronic Body Music and New Beat to Belgian House and Techno. Having won countless plaudits on the continent ‘The Sound of Belgium’ will receive its first UK screenings in October as part of Belgium Booms, a series of events in London (5th – 12th October) showcasing Belgian electronic music, past and present.
The film will be shown on Tuesday October 8th at Phonica Records in Soho and on Friday October 11th at Cafe 1001, just off Brick Lane, where Jozef Deville will be present to introduce the film and the film will be followed by live and DJ sets from some of Belgian’s new electronica stars.
To accompany the film La Musique Fait La Force are proud to announce the release of a 4 disc set ‘The Sound of Belgium – The Compilation’ available from records stores and online from November 25th. ‘The Sound of Belgium – The Compilation’ is a sonic journey through 4 decades of the wonderful and weird music that has soundtracked the nocturnal adventures of the 72 hour party people we call “The Belgians”.


4CD / Digital Download

Released 25th November on La Musique Fait La Force (distributed by SRD/N.E.W.S.)

1. Trans Volta – Disco Computer
2. Carol & Snowy Red – Breakdown
3. Pas De Deux – Cardiocleptomanie
4. The Neon Judgement – Tv Treated
5. Front 242 – Headhunter
6. Carlos Perón – Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted
7. Logo – Businessmen
8. The Caravan – Somewhere In Arabia
9. C Cat Trance – Shake The Mind
10. Max Berlin – Elle Et Moi
11. Au Pairs – Sex Without Stress
12. A Thunder Orchestra – Diabolical Gesture
13. Public Relations – Public Relations
14. White House White – Ouverture
15. L&O – Even Now
16. Klaus Schulze – Signs Of Dawn

1. Hno3 – Doughnut Dollies
2. Fred Brown – Roman Days
3. Fatal Error – Fatal Error
4. Erotic Dissidents – Move Your Ass And Feel The Beat
5. Neon – Voices
6. In-D – Virgin In-D Sky’s
7. Jc Project – Andromedia
8. 101 – Saigon Nightmare
9. Zsa Zsa Laboum – Something Scary
10. Rhythm Device – Acid Rock
11. 2 Body’s – Body Drill
12. Confetti’s – The Sound Of C
13. Liaisons D – Future Fjp
14. Petra & Co – Just Let Go (Dub)
15. Neon – Don’t Mess With This Beat (Instrumental)
16. Linea Alba – Chill-O-Matic

1. Lords Of Acid – I Sit On Acid (Live American Tour Version)
2. T 99 – Anasthasia
3. Praga Khan – Rave Alarm
4. Phantasia – Violet Skies
5. Neon – Waves
6. Modular Expansion – Cubes
7. Second Chance – In Paradise
8. Joey Beltram – Energy Flash
9. Set Up System – Factory
10. Outlander – The Vamp
11. Le Mystere – Opus 303
12. Age Of Love – The Age Of Love (New Age Mix)
13. Lhasa – The Attic
14. The Mackenzie – Higher In The Sky
15. Digital Excitation – Pure Pleasure (Rave Mix)
16. World Party Ii – Forget It

1. 2 Flying Stones – Maybe Tomorrow (After Outside Mix)
2. Innertales – Odyssee
3. Golden Girls – Kinetic (Frank De Wulf Remix)
4. Cj Bolland – Camargue
5. Insider – Destiny
6. Strong Heads – Frequency Response Test
7. Spokesman – Acid Creak (Pierre’s Reconstruction Mix)
8. Zolex – Time Modulator
9. Cherrymoon Trax – The House Of House
10. Jones & Stephenson – The First Rebirth
11. Emmanuel Top – Acid Phase
12. Push – Universal Nation

Belgium Booms Soundcloud (sets from all artists playing)

For more information on Belgium Booms and details of all the events taking place check http://belgiumbooms.co.uk


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