Dub Police “Past Present Future”

Dub-Police-Past-Present-Future-PackshotDUB POLICE – PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE
CD – DPCD008
Release date: 18.11.13

Established in 2004 by Caspa and a few like-minded friends, Dub Police has proved a vital outlet for producers to showcase the finest elements of dubstep, whether that be heavy, deeper, darker or more innovative cuts. Since it’s inception, the label has presided over 80-plus releases from a roster of more than 30 artists and set the benchmark for aspiring imprints to follow, solidifying itself as a truly global imprint in the process; Japan, Australia and even Mumbai have all been played by Dub Police artists. As the first dubstep label to tour the USA in 2010, host label nights in Ibiza and hold down a bi-monthly residency at Fabric that’s now entering into it’s fifth year, allowing the label to showcase the ‘who’s who’ of Dubstep in their hometown of London. Dub Police continue to redefine expectations at a considerable rate of knots.

As an iconic home to emerging dubstep talent for almost a decade, Dub Police have also played a pivotal role in the genre’s sonic evolution. As key whistleblowers if you like, they were first to champion the sounds of genre-defining artists like Rusko, Emalkay and Trolley Snatcha and have continued to build on that legacy with label boss Caspa leading the imprint firmly into the future. To celebrate just how far they’ve come, Dub Police are proud to present ‘Past, Present & Future’, a 45-track compilation album that showcases the evolution of their sound, by those who helped make it happen. It will be available across three formats; digital, CD and as part of a specially-curated vinyl package that will see two tracks taken from each section and pressed to 12” wax. Tracks include those never before released on vinyl alongside a number that have completely sold out, including L Wiz’s ‘Girl From Codeine City’, a track out of circulation for near on six years, and The Others & Emalkay’s coveted banger ‘Fallout’.

The ‘Past’ will be of particular intrigue to the label’s early enthusiasts, with a swathe of highly-sought after classics making up the majority of the track-listing. From Emalkay’s seminal breakthrough heater ‘When I Look At You’ to the sullen majesty of Caspa’s glorious ‘Cockney Violin’, there is plenty of sure-fire gold on offer here. Of course, the contrast between then and now is also an interesting one, with tracks like The Others’ ‘Africa V.I.P’ serving as poignant reminders of the label’s beginnings; for many, these were the tunes that first introduced them to the genre.

‘Present’ looks more to the sound that has made considerable waves across the pond and beyond, with music from established Dub Police names like Subscape and The Others sitting proudly alongside more contemporary upstarts Variations and Mydas. These are the tracks you could expect to grace raves across the world right now, permeating the sets of the label’s artists and contemporaries alike. Caspa’s recent ‘Techno Terry’ single, featuring hotly-tipped protege Dismantle, is a standout feature, alongside Trolley Snatcha’s club banger ‘Make My Whole World’.

Naturally, looking forward would not be possible without the past or the present, but the section that looks to the genre’s future is arguably the compilation’s most important. A whole host of label talent give us their insight into the sound’s future composition, alongside intriguing features for J:Kenzo & Matty G and next-generation producers Ethic, Oiki and Badklaat, all of whom point to a bright and intriguing future for the sound.

Bold, expansive and a fitting testament to their continuing legacy, this is the story of Dub Police, and furthermore, dubstep, through the eyes of some of it’s finest purveyors.


Past 1. L-Wiz – Girl From Codeine City
2. Caspa – Cockney Violin
3. Emalkay – When I Look At You
4. Caspa – For The Kids
5. Mungos Hi Fi feat. Earl 16 – International Roots (LD Remix)
6. The Others – Africa VIP
7. Subscape – Nothings Wrong
8. N-Type – Way Of The Dub (Caspa Remix)
9. Rusko – Acton Dread
10. Trolley Snatcha – The Future
11. Conquest – Forever
12. The Others – Gravity
13. Rusko – Cockney Thug (Caspa Remix)
14. Emalkay – Fabrication
15. Matty G – Turf W*rz

Present 1. Subscape – I Need You
2. Oiki – Get It Now
3. Caspa feat. DIsmantle – Techno Terry
4. The Others & Emalkay – Fallout
5. Subscape – When I See You
6. Dirty Dog – Selecta
7. Trolley Snatcha – Make My Whole World
8. Filth Collins – Fatboy Riddim
9. Caspa – Sexy Beast
10. Mydas – Squared
11. Dirty Dog – Barkin Mad
12. Variations – Subbington
13. Ethic – Temple Run
14. The Others – One Man Show feat. Lonette Charles (J:Kenzo Remix)
15. Mydas – Beneath The Fold

Future 1. The Others – Joy
2. Oiki – Are You Scared
3. Trolley Snatcha – Ganja Talk
4. Caspa – London Zoo
5. Caspa – Mad Man feat. Riko
6. Matty G & J:Kenzo – SC Connection
7. Variations – Fighting For Air
8. KGB – Hardstyle
9. Subscape – Get You Down
10. Dirty Dog – Sucker Punch
11. Mydas – The Wait
12. Subscape – I Would Have Loved You
13. The Others – Amazonia
14. BadKlaat – Get Twisted
15. Trolley Snatcha & Subscape – Give And Take


Vinyl One 1. Caspa – Sexy Beast
2. Variations – Subbington

Vinyl Two 3. The Others & Emalkay – Fallout
4. L-Wiz – Girl From Codeine City

Vinyl Three 5. J:Kenzo & Matty G – SC Connection
6. Mydas – Squared



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