Adventure Club ‘Calling All Heroes – Part 1’ (Stream)

Adventure Club 'Calling All Heroes - Part 1'Attention all Heroes.This week Montreal’s Adventure Club have unveiled their brand new EP, “Calling All Heroes – Part 1” via BMG. This four-song collection – which includes the critically applauded single “Gold” featuring Yuna – sees the Canadian duo of Christian Srigley and Leighton Callou transform bass music with whirling synths, shimmering melodies and elegantly crafted soundscapes.

On the EP, the emotional vocal heft of quirky Malaysian songstress Yuna soars over hands-in-the-air bass beats on its lead single “Gold.” Moving through the EP, the duo applies their dark, haunting low-end with heart-wrenching melodies, and an anthemic electro-house rhythm with “Thunderclap.” The EP also includes “Wonder” that has the pair teaming up with Australian producer The Kite String Tangle and “Crash.”

Billboard Code highlights the EP’s final track “Thunderclap,” “…dupstep duo Adventure Club go into the night without a word. Donning their capes and perhaps a mask, these bass crusaders soar across a synthy and darkly energetic four and a half minute thunder-er that deals a serious blow to unimaginative and unmelodic big room beats. This is where electro should have evolved after electro. But at least now these two dastardly heroes are here to save bass music from what might have been an anonymous tailspin into the unknown.”

track listing for “Calling All Heroes – Part 1” is:

1. Gold [Featuring Yuna]
2. Wonder [Featuring The Kite String Tangle]
3. Crash
4. Thunderclap

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