Nate Connelly ‘A Dream About Being Lost’, December 23rd via Blind Colour

Nate Connolly - A Dream About Being LostNate Connelly will release his stunning debut album ‘A Dream About Being Lost’ through the burgeoning alternative/electronic label Blind Colour on 23rd December.

After recently scoring the music for Juno Mak’s Number 1 Chinese Box Office Hit ‘Rigor Mortis’‘A Dream About Being Lost’ is a wistful, beguiling blend of the organic and the electronic by an experimental artist growing into his newly-found, songwriter’s skin.

Spanning ten tracks and featuring guest appearances from vocalist’s Ruby Pemberton and Amy Robina‘A Dream About Being Lost’ is a quietly self-assured record that moves between the modern electronic soul of ‘Some Faith’, ‘You Echo’, ‘Tired Waiting’ and the title track ‘A Dream About Being Lost’ to the more serenely powerful yet groove-filled ambient electronics of ‘Similar To A Simulated Simulation’, ‘Would Where I Belong’, ‘Safe From Twelve’ and ‘I Form A Club’, drawing from a rich palette of musical influences and displaying a subtle versatility as well as a refined mastery in terms of production, depth and detail. Closing tracks ‘Deadmen’ and ‘Arkham’ move along a more alternative route, bringing the album to a close.

First single ‘You Echo’ with remixes from Asa and VVV is released on December 2nd

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