Omid 16B – Alola Volume 4

alolaTo celebrate a landmark 20 years in the music business, Omid 16B and his aLOLa label are releasing some inspiring and highly collectable music from the vaults. The re-mastered back catalogue has been made available since 2011 to all good digital stores, alongside the label’s latest brand new music from today’s respected and true artists, to show that aLOLa remains one of the most exciting and influential labels in the UK and around the globe.

A process that started two years ago with the first two instalments of aLOLa’s past, present and future mix series was followed in Summer 2013 by Mr C’s “Volume 3” presenting his favourite label selections. Now it is time for Omid 16B to finish a fantastic year off in style with this stunning selections mixed to perfection for “Volume 4”.

Various Artists – aLOLa Volume 4 – EP Sampler

1. Omid 16B – Ending To Begin (Original Mix) (aLOLa)
2. Alex George – The Illness (Spin Science Remix) (aLOLa)
3. Feroziana – Acid Wars (Omid 16B Remix) (aLOLa)
4. Pop Out & Play – Corrosive Tongue (Omid 16B Re-Edit) (aLOLa)
(aLOLa) ALOS004 Release: 2nd December 2013

Various Artists – aLOLa Volume 4 – Mixed by Omid 16B
(aLOLa) ALOD004
Release: 16th December 2013

01. Nick Stoynoff – Da Izz (Original Mix) – NEW
02. Pop Out & Play – Corrosive Tongue (Omid 16B Edit)
03. Alex George – The Illness (Spin Science Mix) – NEW
04. Eliot Tordoff – Torn (Original Mix)
05. Marco Da Mata & Matthew – Dancing With Elephants (Omid 16B Edit)
06. Feroziana – Acid Wars (Omid 16B Remix) – NEW
07. Spin Science & K Loveski – Hamsters Goosebumps (Original Mix)
08. Omid 16B – Double You (Original Mix)
09. Omid 16B – Dark Horse (Original Mix)
10. Voodoo Corporation – Inside Your Love (Original Mix)
11. Omid 16B – Escape (Driving To Heaven) (Silky & Jonny Cruz Remix)
12. Omid 16B – For T (Original Mix) – NEW
13. Omid 16B – Dark Love – NEW
14. Omid 16B – Ending To Begin – NEW
15. Spin Science & K Loveski – Annie (Original Mix) – NEW
16. Omid 16B – How To Love? (Original Mix) – NEW
17. 16B – Water Ride (O’s Sleeping All Day Mix Intro)


“I wanted to create a journey with the music and see how significant the catalogue is becoming – could the mix tell a timeless story? I had to create new tracks for different moods when I started the mix, especially when I had to a bridge a gap between different emotions so they could naturally follow in a sequence I was ultimately happy with. This way I felt the mix turned into a positive challenge with more personality, combining a few forgotten back catalogue classics with unreleased material by the aLOLa artists.” – Omid 16B

The mix opens with a brand new track from Chicago’s Nick Stoynoff, the mellow, spacious, deep house vibes hinting at what is to come. Omid lifts the atmosphere beautifully with his own re-edit of Pop Out & Play’s “Corrosive Tongue”, before the rather tasty exclusive remix of Alex George’s stupendous “The Illness” from Estonia’s rising star, Spin Science takes over, channelling the vibes of early Chicago House firmly into a futuristic style.

As the mix flows and develops masterfully, Omid introduces the funked-up magnificent of Australia’s Eliot Tordoff, his own edit of the superbly titled and twisted “Dancing With Elephants”, and his own remix of the ferocious “Acid Wars” by mysterious newcomer Feroziana, whose “The Final Touch” on Bedrock has been a highlight in the Beatport Techno sales chart recently. The energy levels are starting to sizzle as “Hamsters Goosebumps” ushers in the first of a series of stunning productions by the master himself. The ethereal beauty of “Double You” is beyond compare whilst the clever guitar riff hook of “Dark Horse” is so distinctive that it immediately renders the track unforgettable.

The sultry female vocals of Voodoo Corporation’s “Inside Your Love” lift excitement levels even higher in a classic house style, before a new interpretation of the stone-cold classic, “Escape (Driving To Heaven)”, brings the mix to another section of exclusive new productions by Omid 16B. Acidic attitude, euphoric beauty and perfectly timed drops with lashings of atmosphere are the order of the day, as the mix becomes ever more enthralling, with Omid’s “Ending To Begin” into Spin Science & K Loveski (making their second appearance), before the mix is subtly brought down slowly to a joyous climax with the genius deep house vibes of “How To Love” and then closed with a cheeky riff from his classic “Water Ride”.

The phrase “master at work” is entirely appropriate here for Omid 16B as he has created a timeless, classic mix using purely tracks from his own aLOLa label. “Volume 4” is the perfect addition to the series of mix compilations, combining forgotten back catalogue classics with unreleased material by aLOLa artists, and another amazing glimpse into the label’s historic brilliance.

Check for further information about all aLOLa releases.


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