Aspect – 3.14 from Parity Records

Aspect - 3.14 from Parity RecordsPortland artist aspect. delivers the mysterious 3.14 for Parity Records, comprised of four original tracks that are both arresting and subtle. The lone remix is a tasty dance floor reworking of the cinematic title track, the rest are steeped in irresistible dub and deep house grooves.

3.14 (dub mix.) – A delicate mix of ambient and dubby sound washes set the scene for a highly cohesive EP release.

3.14 (version mix.) – Starting with a dense breakbeat info, this version mix of “3.14” has a dub house feel that is conducive to the late night dance floor.

logarithims. – The art of subtle tech-house is explored with loving detail here and then spattered in dub house goodness for perfection like a fine dessert.

moodswing. – Sporting a classic Detroit techno vibe and prominent bass line, this track strikes a nice balance between deep space chill out and funky house that works well.

variation. – This track is set at an unusual BPM with a dance floor construction that makes the track feel somewhat menacing with its relentless kick drum.

01 3.14 (dub mix.)
02 3.14 (version mix.)
03 logarithims.
04 moodswing.
05 variation.

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