Melissa Laveaux “Memory Is A Strange Bell”

Melissa Laveaux Releases Memory Is A Strange Bell EP

Haitian-Canadian Mélissa Laveaux is a self-assured artist that combines folk, indie pop and her signature percussive finger-style blues guitar for a style that is both sophisticated and sweet on her new EP Memory Is A Strange Bell, which is out today.

“I always thought of Emily Dickinson as a wise poet for being able to concisely convey overwhelming sentiments,” Laveaux said of the influences on her new EP.“The exercise of carefully culling a handful of songs together into an EP was no easy feat. I aimed for both ends of the spectrum, my happiest and my darkest neatly tucked in between verses.”

Sung in Creolethe EP’s final track “Pie Bwa” is a variation on Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit”, written from the point of view of the blood-stained tree. Containing powerful imagery, modern orchestrations, catchy melodies and intimate prose, Memory Is A Strange Bell simultaneously touches the heart, the mind and the core.


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