Download Zoon van snooK’s ‘Let It Snoo, Let It Snoo, Let It Snoo’ Winter Mixtape

Zoon van snooK's 'Let it Snoo, let it Snoo, let it Snoo Mix'Released earlier this year on Lo Recordings, Zoon van snooK’s 2nd album ‘The Bridge Between Life & Death’ picked up plaudits from all over the shop, reviewers beguiled by its fragile mix of field recordings, found sounds and folk tinged electronica.


Alfred Newman – ’20th Century Fox Fanfare’ (Intro)
James Yorkston ‘Spanish Ants’ (Zoon van snooK Remix)
MMOTHS ‘For Her’ (Max Cooper Remix)
Pantha Du Prince ‘Bohemian Forest’
Alka ‘Immolated’ (Zoon van snooK Remix)
Chequerboard ‘Quotidian Debris’
Jónsi ‘Go Do’
Kraftwerk ‘Tongebirge’
Andrew Bayer ‘Lose Sight’
Air ‘Californie’
Zoon van snooK ‘Tjörnin Side’ (Ruxpin Remix)
Chopsy ‘Wedding Present’
Koett ‘Lost Time’ (Sau Poler Remix)
Papa M ‘Mountains Have Ears’
Amiina ‘Hemipode’
Haiku Salut ‘Glockelbar’
Coldcut ‘Timber’
Apparat ‘Not a Number’
Four Tet ‘Love Cry’ (Joy Orbison Remix) / Bob & Ron Cropper ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’
Hanne Hukkelberg ‘Obelix’ (Outro)


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