NAIA EP (Stream)

Out Now on Noisy Meditation
NAIA is a global experimental collaboration between vocalist Malena Pérez (P-Vine, Mobilee, Objektivity) and electronica/bass producers FIRST AID, Stiver, blacksix and Godfather Sage. Moody, reflective and deep, the first release is a four-track downtempo EP infused with soulful, melancholic vocals, expansive chords and driving basslines. Thematically, NAIA explores the shadow side of human emotion while planting seeds of healing.

About Malena Pérez:
Malena Pérez is a vocalist of Cuban and German-American descent originally from Atlanta, GA. Her work includes two studio albums, Free To Fly (2004) and Stars (2006), and various collaborations including the 2007 deep house hit “I Can’t Go Under” produced by Dennis Ferrer. Her third studio album, Offering, will be released in March 2014.


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