Helena- Breathe( Stream)

HELENA - BreatheWomen in dance is rather like women in politics, they’re on the rise, in demand and continue to make their presence felt! Whilst female DJs and producers aren’t a new concept, it’s hard to think of a time when so many have made in-roads to the male domi-nated world of dance.
We’re not political in any way,” says Mutants artist-in-chief John Dahlback,It really is all about the music at the end of the day, but it’s undoubtedly great to see a female DJ and producer debut on the label.

Helena also confirms that Australia is a burgeoning hotbed of talent as she joins James Frew in the Mutants family. “Mutants, to me, was a perfect match for Breathe,” she en-thuses, “I was really happy when they were into the vibe of the track. It is such a respected label; their sound is unique and they are not afraid to push the boundaries with the music they release.” Wise words to be sure as ‘Breathe’ does present a fresh take on the euphor-ic, electro genre…
HELENA – Breathe (Original Mix)



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