The Christians’ Henry Priestman reveals Valentine’s video

henry priestmanHenry Priestman
The Last Mad Surge of Youth
Proper Records – 17th Feb

After three years in the making, Henry Priestman’s ‘The Last Mad Surge of Youth’ will be unleashed on UK listeners on 17th February 2014 through Proper Records. Eclectic, introspective and compelling, it was worth every second of the wait.

More than 35 years in the music industry have helped bring some seasoned guests to the album. ‘The Last Mad Surge of Youth’ features the talents of Radio 2 Folk Award nominee Katriona Gilmore (Gilmore & Roberts), Graham Gouldman of 10cc, Paul Simpson (The Wild Swans) & Probyn Gregory (Brian Wilson/Beach Boys).

The album’s opener ‘At The End of The Day’, co-written with singer/songwriter Lotte Mullan (who also provides harmonies) was written for Henry’s mother. It couples well with ‘True Believer’, which features both the co-writing talent of the Grammy-nominated John Beck, and a choir of school children from one of Henry’s school-songwriting workshops, to create a two-part opener to the album. A fall and rise that hints at the level of detail that’s gone into an album that masterfully tugs on and releases the heart strings.

‘Valentine Song’ showcases Priestman’s knack with creating gripping, cinematic and emotive songs. It has been transformed into the central theme of the film Kismet Diner, winner of first prize at the “2013 Manhattan Short Films Festival.


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