ill-esha Releases Sexy Full Length Album For Free via Gravitas Recordings

ill-esha - Open Heart SurgeryThe ever talented ill-esha returns with her sophomore LP, Open Heart Surgery, due for a fitting February 14th release date on Gravitas Recordings. Taking an excursion from her norm, this multi-talented artist shows off her impressive vocal chops throughout 11 tracks. While the album hints at the bass heavy vibe of releases past, the redefined focus falls on the deep passion which can only be expressed through heartfelt vocals. Perfect for multiple listens, Open Heart Surgery will undoubtedly prove to transcend the current disposability of music, finding its way onto playlists for many years to come.

ill-esha – Crossroads
ill-esha – New Beginnings
ill-esha – High Voltage Storms
ill-esha – Happiness Is Lonely
ill-esha – Open Heart Surgery
ill-esha – Lighthouse
ill-esha – Dominoes
ill-esha – Sanctuary
ill-esha – Trembling Perfect ft. SAUCEmonster
ill-esha – The Letter
ill-esha – Lighthouse (Instrumental)

Tour Dates:
Feb 15 – St. Louis, MO – Performing Arts Center
Feb 27 – Austin, TX – The Parish
March 28 – Santa Barbara, CA – Serenity Gathering
June 5 – Ozark, AR – Wakarusa


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