Rennie Foster – Searchin’ for XTC Remixes

Rennie Foster - Searchin' for XTC RemixesRennie Foster is one of the world’s leading lights in techno. Vancouver-Tokyo-Toronto are all places than he has called home, second-home and they are all places that love and adore his melodic techno and tough yet funky pounding grooves.

This is the second series of remixes. 2014 sees India’s Hashback Hashish, Sweden’s DJ Mourad, France’s Dave-G and Spain’s Javier Orduna follow in the footsteps of Dagham & remlaB, Itokim, Mark O’Sullivan and Rob Glennon from 2010.

As the title suggests this is a dance floor tune, a future classic.

Mourad delivers a full on tribute to the old school Chicago vibe; Hashback Hashish goes deep, dark and relentless; Dave G creates an uplifting club vibe; whilst Javier goes deep and hard with his penetrative sound. For the craic we have included the Dagham & remlaB remix from 2010.


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