El Pres Beats – Fly Dutchman (Robsoul Jazz)

EL PRES BEATSEl Pres Beats drops his debut album Fly Dutchman for Robsoul Jazz on 21st March and continues a story which has seen him bubbling under for the last few years. The producer, from Leeuwarden Holland but currently based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, has previously scored with Glenwood Hostel EP, which became popular in underground Hip Hop circles and caught the attention of Robsoul Jazz boss Phil Weeks. In keeping with previous Robsoul Jazz releases, both from Parisian Around7, Fly Dutchman focuses on the instrumental side of Hip Hop, with head nodding beats and Jazz, Soul and Funk samples chopped and stitched together in perfection.

When speaking to Instrumentology.com in 2013 El Pres Beats commented, “Sampling is the backbone of my style. 99% of the samples I use come from vinyl though – no sample packs or anything. Every sound you hear on my beats was found by me listening to the actual vinyl. I hold the art of diggin’ in the crates for samples up high.” –


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