Fontarrian »vlv«




RELEASE DATE:2014-03-28


Fontarrian is Marlon T.L. Fink. Hailing from Graz, Austria, his influences are too wide and far scattered around the globe to be mentioned just here. He‘s been making music since 2006, on various occasions live and as a DJ. He‘s part of the RDMH (River Deep Mountain High) collective, hosting parties every now and then. »vlv« consists of 10 tracks that have been sketched out in the last couple of years and were finalized this past winter.


His debut effort for Berlin-based label antiME offers a glimpse into a fragile yet eclectic spectrum of sounds consisting of loopy vocal bits, slowly unwinding washes of dream-like ambience, distinctively (s)tumbling almost jazzy percussions and an ever-present, blissful warmth. the latter emanates from and sucks you into what seems to be a world of its own. Like a lo-fi attempt at capturing momentary twists of the heart through significantly diverse tracks – imperfect nonetheless – the album feels like a mixtape you‘ve set out to record for someone special, but somehow never got around to.


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