Rework- You Play

VQCD005_Cover rework play
Visionquest welcome  talented  production trio Rework  onto  the label with ‘You Play’, an album of eleven crisp and wonderfully rich tracks combining elegant rhythms with snappy vocals that blurs the distinction between the underground elite and modern popular culture.

Rework are two German boys and a girl from a punk band background. Their ‘You Play’album has a rock n roll attitude to the dancefloor, spiced up with French and English lyrics about the ramblings of that crazy little thing called love.

Following critically acclaimed work on the much ­esteemed Playhouse imprint, their third album signifies a change in intensity for Rework’s Anglo­French funk antics, adding a dash of dancefloor melancholy. Rework understand how music works for the dancefloor with key tracks  such  as  ‘Flowers  and Girlfriends’  and  title  track  ‘You  Play’ cut for serious musicheads,  while  the  futuristic  melodies  of  Rework’s  ‘Perfect  Gun’ have  a  new­wave  feel reaching into sublime pop territory.

Label: Visionquest
Cat no: VQCD005
Distribution: Above Board
Released: Monday May 26th, 2014


  1. Ask You
  2. Rise and Fall
  3. Flowers and Girlfriends
  4. Perfect Gun
  5. You Play
  6. Bouncing Baby
  7. Can You Trust Me
  8. I Cannot Say
  9. When You’re Close To Someone
  10. The Two Sides
  11. Dreaming is Fun

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