D-Noise – In Time

D-Noise - In TimeD-Noise – aka Nick Denisov began his musical career as a club DJ in Tula, a small town south of Moscow. Confined to the soundlab by the frosty claws of Old Man Winter’s grip in rural Russia, Nick kept warm by conducting sonic experiments which soon led to his first EP “Digital Winter.” Soon enough in 2004, he moved to Moscow and built his reputation as a techno and DnB DJ. During this time, he continued to evolve as a producer, releasing an EP picked up by Baroque Records. Teaming up with S Sider he eventually established himself as a resident DJ for Deepcontrol Records. D-Noise continues to produce under his own label Lumine Records and we are excited to be releasing his latest EP – “In Time.”

“In Time” like many of his previous works, evokes the spirit of winter. This 3 track concept album starts off with a melancholy snowbound vibe but eventually releases into the posi- tive force of creation that is hatched from this reclusion. Deep and organic this work bends and twists timing, slowly unfreezing from arctic darkness. The beginning paves a solemn path with live and twisted string recordings which mutate and melt giving away to beaming rays of synthery backed by driving digital drumwork. The melodies are distinctly rooted to Russia which is a refreshing new taste for the Western EDM scene. We can surely expect to hear more from D-Noise


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