Mark Barrott -Sketches From An Island

Mark Barrott -Sketches From An IslandCertain places have a history that allows things to happen outside the norm. Ibiza is one of those.  A place where anyone with an open heart can find their space.  A place where maverick thinking still matters.  It´s this environment that in turn nurtured and created the music and style known as balearic.

This is what I call Balearic Jose Padilla

In 2014, a new generation of DJs, bloggers, and house heads are embracing the into-everything mentality that marked out the original balearic beats, including the widescreen, afterhours sounds made famous by José Padilla’s sunset DJ sets at the Café Del Mar and Alfredo´s legendary sets at Amnesia.

Mark Barrott’s ‘Sketches From An Island’ compresses this Balearic heartbeat into nine warm gems which paint a picture of the island, the people and the magnetic beauty that pulses through it.  Recorded in Ibiza´s northern hills using “weird percussion, some slide guitars and a few borrowed synths,” it’s a melodic and mysterious representation of a place seeped in a rich and rebellious history.


Label: International Feel
Cat no: IFEEL029
Distribution: NEWS
Released: Monday June 2nd, 2014


  • Baby Come Home
  • Dr Nimm’s Garden of Intrigue & Delight
  • Go Berri Be Happy
  • Essene
  • Formentera Headspace Blues (Pts. 1 & 2)
  • Deep Water
  • Island Life
  • Back To The Sea
  • Sacred Islands

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