New project from Maxim of The Prodigy: We Are Noize ‘Dollar Flick’ – Released 12th May 2014(Preview)

We Are Noize

We Are Noize
‘Dollar Flick’
(We Are Noize)
Release Date: 12th May 2014
Preview HERE


An exciting new project is emerging under the name – We Are Noize. A group of friends fronted by Maxim of The Prodigy have joined together in a collective to create music outside the norm, without limits or boundaries. Their first single ‘Dollar Flick’ is set for release on Monday 12th May through their own label also named We Are Noize.

Their sound, you can hear within ‘Dollar Flick’, is bouncy and bassy but edgy and cool, with many minds working together in order to create really forward thinking and unique music.
Never caring about people not getting it, We Are Noize strive to create their own following and get people jumping around the club.
We Are Noize are a group of friends who all share the same passion for music. Whether it’s experimental, or a sound that just doesn’t follow trends, they realised that they all had the same vision – to write and produce good music.

A new side project by Maxim from The Prodigy who plays a big part in the creative direction of the group, his thoughts and ideas are reflected in the music and from there We Are Noize build on them to create something never heard before. An exciting new project to keep an eye out for, We Are Noize firmly believe that if you create your own lane, there is no traffic!


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