Worthy -Disbehave


One of the four founders of Dirtybird Records, Worthy is a San Francisco resident who creates bass-driven electronic music thats breaks all the rules. From his anthemic collaboration with Eats Everything on Dirtybird to solo hits on labels such as Leftroom, Trapez, Discobelle and his own Anabaticrecords, Worthy has forged a unique musical identity that is infallibly enforced by the release of his debut album.

‘Disbehave’, is a genre-defying rebellion against the house producers status quo. This album cannot be confined to a category, nor can Worthy be caged in with his colleagues. You will find some homage to the Dirtybird sound on tracks like ‘I Get’. But this album departs from his usual booty tech beats, into a broader sonic experiment as he forges new alliances with future bass, downtempo, breakbeat and deep house. You can hear the broadness and complexity of sounds on tracks like ‘On The Floor’ featuring Kevin Knapp (Off, Hot Creations) with its heavy bass to the beauty of swelling chords and swirling vocals on tracks like ‘The Words’featuring Audio Angel. Reminiscent of the early days of the electronic sound movement that were less imbued with genre stereo-typing, ‘Disbehave’ is an emotional departure into a complex cavern of atmospheric rhythm, eluding to the many moods of the dance music sphere.


Label: Anabatic
Cat no: AB54
Released: Tuesday June 10th, 2014


  1. All our souls (intro)
  2. The Words feat Audio Angel
  3. Dark Bridges
  4. Burned
  5. Disbehave
  6. On The Floor (Feat. Kevin Knapp)
  7. Infect
  8. Dusted Smoke
  9. I Get
  10. Damm Fine
  11. Can’t Handle It
  12. Stars Attack
  13. Luna
  14. Free From The Night
  15. All our souls (outro)

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