Ethic ‘What Ya Call Me EP’ + free download

Ethic - What Ya Call Me EP - ArtworkAs a leading member of Dub Police’s new generation of ground breaking artists, Ethic has already torn the dance to shreds at Fabric and demonstrated his serious skills on respected platforms such as GetDarker and Kiss FM. Galvanising his reputation as a key artist to watch in 2014, the ‘What Ya Call Me’ EP represents Ethic’s true talent and broad sonic range.

First revealed by Caspa on his ‘Dubstep Sessions’ album, ‘What Ya Call Me’ is a future-focused sensory attack: Opening with alien moans and dynamic drums, a tribal frenzy ensues as a brutal 4/4 riddim takes over. Mind-blowing use of the vocal as a percussive tool ensures heads are locked throughout. Next up, ‘Temple Run’: One of the exclusives on Dub Police’s recent ‘Past Present Future’ opus, its energy and focus create total four-to-the-floor immersion. Stamping into the darkest districts of the dance, the sharp hooks twist and turn with an emphatic sense of insanity. Those hungry for a more euphoric sensation will resonate with ‘Rise To Glory’. Here Ethic develops Dubstep’s classical dynamics with a vaunting halfstep and evangelistic synths so epic they’re powerful enough to give you a spiritual experience. Finally we hit ‘Embrace’. A stunning ode to the two-step roots, it reveals yet another exciting side to the Woking-based artist. Coated in emotion and breath-taking atmosphere, it’s a reminder of how soulful UK garage can be when conjured by the right specialist.

With heaps more next-level material due in the coming months, Ethic is at the very start of an exciting career. Fully representing Dub Police’s dedication to the next generation, his reputation as a key artist to watch in 2014 deserves every slice of hype and more.
Download:Ethic – Embrace

Ethic – What Ya Call Me EP
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1. Ethic – What Ya Call Me
2. Ethic – Temple Run
3. Ethic – Rise To Glory
4. Ethic – Embrace

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