Tanzlife – Biscuit Symphony EP 12″(Preview)

Tanzlife - Biscuit Symphony EP 12Released May 19th
This is a singular, idiosyncratic piece of work unlike any other that’s come out on LPH. The product of Polish producer, Tomek Matuszczak, Biscuit Symphony is, as its name suggests, an epic yet whimsical and bizarre journey through its auteur’s eccentric—albeit charming and catchy—tendencies.

A1. Biscuit Symphony
A2. Horizon
B1. Raw Orange
B2. Talizman
B3. Universe In You (Edit)

The title track is a boisterous ditty that has the structural components of some gnarly, throwback acid jam that’s been given a fresh coat of glossy lacquer. Over the course of seven-and-a-half minutes, it zigs and zags, curves and bends, peaks and troughs in unpredictable yet always exciting and fresh ways. ‘Horizon’ is the worn and sore dance partner of ‘Biscuit Symphony’; it’s just as focused, layered, and oddball in vibe, but it has a detectable air of weariness to it, which is enhanced by the soft, ambiguous R&B vocals.
The B-side finds Tanzlife picking the pace back up, like a shot of espresso was all he needed. Flush with cartoony noises and frazzled strings, and glued together with hooky synth melodies, ‘Raw Orange’ is a fiery little nugget of fun. With its followup, ‘Talizman’ (hard to not consider it the producer’s unofficial theme song), Tanzlife simplifies a bit, but doesn’t compromise quality, energy level, or digestibility in the process. The strobed, pulsating, rhythmic synth line that’s sewn into the crux of the entire tune evokes classic Mugwump trickery without coming off as a simple rip. Finally, the EP ends with a beatless cool-down cut. The aural version of a big ol’ bong rip in a planetarium stargaze, you can practically see the waft of smoke curl in front of your eyes and part to reveal glints of synth washes and spoken word samples as your mind’s eye paints the aurora borealis or Milky Way.


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