Variations – Be Seeing You out on 26.05.14

Variations - Be Seeing YouKey figures in Dub Police’s next-generation talent movement, Thom Clarke and Nick Bartlett have been unavoidable since launching last year. Their debut EP ‘Thanks For Coming’ scored an impressive 25 in the iTunes electronic chart. Picking up support from across the board – B-Traits to Drumsound & Bassline Smith – it showcased their creative ability with raw sonic clout and led to key appearances representing Caspa’s label on Kiss FM, GetDarker and more recently at Dub Police’s very own warehouse event.

Naturally this follow up develops on the justified hype, taking them to an entirely new level with three cuts that sound like nothing else around right now. Get to know:

‘Endlessly Empty’ is a stark construction of crisp, sense-snapping ingredients; each one balanced perfectly in the mix to forge a brutal battle-like precession. Precision synths rattle with anthemic devastation, unique FX twists bubble and shake on the fills while a searing bassline rips and blasts in unity with an army of chants. The results are nothing short of overwhelming.

You may already be acquainted with the monster that is ‘Subbington’. A prize piece on Dub Police’s recent ‘Past, Present, Future’ album (and one of the few album tracks that enjoyed prestigious vinyl treatment), it’s an iced-out adventure into the timeless realms of deep dub heritage, charged by smouldering sub-soaked kicks and bassline that purrs like a titanium tiger. Heavily textured by an array of meditative pads and synth lines, it’s an instant cause for complete dancefloor hypnosis.

For a fittingly dramatic finale we hit the OMG button with ‘Ermahgerd’. What begins as a shimmering, star-gazing half-step suddenly explodes into a firing 4/4 stomp that scratches and scuffs with a raw, aggressive dynamic. Momentum is maintained throughout thanks to a series of strict builds that overlap each other with a powerful sense of insanity. Serious peaktime business; we guarantee panic whenever you drop this.

One EP, three mind-blowingly extensive flavours: If variety is the spice of life, Variations are adding serious spice to Dub Police’s ever-developing bass broadcasts… Trust us: they’re already deep into their next release. We’ve heard it and we can’t wait to deliver it!

1. Variations – Endlessly Empty
2. Variations – Subbington
3. Variations – Ermahgerd
For more information ::


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