Pacifika – Amor Planeta

Pacifika - Amor PlanetaTiming is everything. When you’re in no hurry, with no expectations or outside pressure, the process of creation seems natural. This was the case in the making of global fusion outfit Pacifika’s third album, Amor Planeta. The Vancouver-based trio of vocalist Silvana Kane, guitarist Adam Popowitz and bassist Toby Peter has never sounded more at home with the world.

This record is much like the title of the album, which means Love Planet,” says Kane, a native Peruvian. “It’s love in its various forms: love of nature, love of another, love that is lost, love that is eternal—basically all that makes us what we are as humans.

Entering the studio with a new frame of mind following the success of 2008’s Asuncion and 2010’s Supermagique, as well as Kane’s 2012 solo album, La Jardinera, Pacifika tried out a new process of songwriting and recording. “In the past the three of us would sit together and jam ideas,” says Peter. “This time Adam and I built a track, then Silvana would come in and vibe off of it.”Pacifika - Amor Planeta extra music new

The addition of trumpet player Malcolm Aiken as well as a more organic approach to recording—less electronica, more live performance—kept things fresh for the band. Whereas before the songs would often be built around Kane’s poetic lyricism, Amor Planeta offers lush textures and guitar-driven ambient soundscapes, not to mention a harder edge keeping a nice balance between both.


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