Symbols Of The West Remix EP +Video

Symbols Of The West EMN:Royksopp meets AIR
Dream pop duo Symbols of the West announced today the release of a video in support of their new single “Clarion”
“Clarion” is the latest remix from the band’s recent full-length, A Thousand Lights. The video was produced and directed by Royce Gorsuch and Colin Arndt. The video for the previously released “Spirit Canoe” was recently a Vimeo “Staff Pick of the Day,” with 90K+ views so far.

The San Francisco-based Symbols of the West are originally from Montana, and it is the dissonance between urban and rural life that has inspired the band’s previous records and their forthcoming remixes. In a recent interview with, Kendall explains: “Growing up landlocked in Montana always gave me a lust for the ocean life. When I finally made my way to San Francisco and felt the energy, I really connected with it. There was something about passages, adventures and discovery – the mystery and allure, the unknown and the surrender to a mighty force like the Pacific.”
Symbols of the West are now ready to present a fresh take on three of the record’s biggest hits. Kendall recently previewed the remixes on the band’s official site: “Three remixes are coming from some of our favorite producers. Get ready for eclectic, dance floor remixes of “Radio Tower,” “Clarion,” and “Spirit Canoe.” Kendall also revealed that Symbols of the West will soon announce a full tour in support of the newest release.

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