PLAID – Matin Lunaire(Video Premiere)

PLAID MARTIN LUNAIREMatin Lunaire (Lunar morning), the latest short film shot and produced by Clément Oberto

A visual and artistic performance, the film combines the unedited participation of high end fashion designer Coppélia Pique, and the renowned music group Plaid who are signed to the Warp music label.

Matin Lunaire is a suspended moment in time, the paradox of a moon still in the sky during the day time. The piece describes a mysterious universe lost between dreams and reality. An epic poem, constantly transforming, in which colours, beauty and sweetness come together to offer a noble
splendor to the artistic video.
It is the metaphor of the interspace, of the passage and the spiritual haze which I wished to develop. There is an entire life within this film. The heroine awakens, discovers herself, transforms and disappears at the end of the tunnel”, explains Clément Oberto.

Plaid composed the soundtrack for Matin Lunaire which will be featured on the group’s new album to be released on the 19th May. “We believe that Clément’s work stands out from the standards of the usual videos. His project is individual, creative and inspiring. We like to compose music for an image and we are very happy with the outcome of this collaboration”, explains Plaid.

More on Plaids New Album ‘Reachy Prints’HERE


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