aNTOJE – Booyung LP (Stream)+Free Download

aNTOJEaNTOJE is a talented producer of 22 years from Montreal, Canada, raised in f-town/LVL_wEST and fuelled by N64 through his childhood Musician generated and schooled through a mixture of rap, electronic music/beat culture, and a wide collection of 33rpms, aNTOJE throws gooey synth layers on hard-knocking sloppy drum beats using sampling machines. Delivering an unashamedly raw and equally chaotic style, aNTOJE brings a mosaic of cut up tape textures through his lo-fi productions.

BOOYUNG LP is his first album-lenght release. Laying a synth clusterfuck on LOFI drums samples, aNTOJE is bringing you the finest of his work of 2013 to 2014. This piece is a gritty and hype mosaic of loud synth-loaded beats produced with sampling machines. You can call that… the PUNK BEAT ~


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