H-Foundation – Passage [1999-2004](Preview)

HFoundation_Passage_ArtworkEric Galaviz and Brian Varga, better known as the DJ / Producer duo Hipp-E and Halo, joined forces 15 years ago after realizing they shared many common musical interests. The H Foundation was born. Here and now in 2014 they are set to release their album ‘Passage’, a collection of their finest moments from 1999-2004, through DJ Sneak’s imprint Magnetic Recordings on 16th June.

‘Passage’ showcases the dub-influenced house that made H Foundation, Hipp-E and Halo tracks stand out from the crowd back in the early to mid-2000’s and saw them regarded as pioneers of the period’s dominant ‘West Coast’ sound. Originally catapulted to fame with exposure from UK Legends Pete Tong and Carl Cox, they held down a long-standing residency at Fabric in London and worked with respected labels like Moody, Siesta, NRK and Soma, for whom they released their famed debut album ‘Environments’.H-Foundation-Photo-2

The 1999-2004 span represented on ‘Passage’ includes an influential period from their earlier days of collaboration, which spawned some of their most influential tracks like “Here Da Sound” as well as high profile remixes for the likes of Silicone Soul. The 13-track package is offered up fully re-mastered, with many tracks available digitally for the first time to both avid fans and those discovering H Foundation for the first time.

After years of collaboration with great success, the duo decided to shift their focus to their individual pursuits of personal life goals, but now return reinvigorated, matured and inspired by the very interests that brought them together years ago. Their single with C1, ‘Kontrol Room’, was released on DJ Sneak’s Magnetic Recordings in January and marked their return to the studio. The duo’s new music can also be found on Halo’s own label Surface Recordings as well as Tsuba, One Records, Supplement Facts and Leftroom.
Artist: H Foundation
Title: Passage [1999-2004]
Label: Magnetic Recordings
Genre: House / Electronic / Dance
Format: Digital Download

The Tracks
1. H Foundation – Hear Da Sound
2. H Foundation – Release
3. H Foundation – Free Your Mind
4. H Foundation – Passage Of Time
5. Silicone Soul – Chic-O-Laa (H Foundation Mix)
6. H Foundation – Come With Us
7. Mephisto Odyssey – Sexy Dancer (H Foundation Remix)
8. Plastic Avengers – El Bombata (H Foundation Rmx)
9. Sirus – An Eye For An Eye (H Foundation Remix)
10. Halo Varga – Future
11. Hipp-e – People (Dub Mix)
12. Halo – Divebomb (H Foundation Edit)
13. Nigel Hayes – Que Pasa (Halo Varga Remix)


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