Govinda Releases New Violin-Fueled Album(Stream)+Free Download

Govinda-Luminance-Cover-WEBThe current year: 2014AD. Govinda’s latest release continues to explore luminous realms of sonic magic. Shane Madden’s sensual gypsy violin melodies soar through ancient ancestral lifetimes, as alien clicks and serpentine waves of bass give clairvoyant sight to your utopian future. As we dive into the depths of mystery and enchantment, the silky vocals of Irina Mikhailova, Brittania Born, Ill-Esha and Sophie Holt fuse into your heart chakra’s DNA. Get lost in time with the eight track album, Luminance.
Govinda has been working to unveil the mysteries of the universe for his entire career in music, and as always, the violin continues to be the driving uniqueness behind each song. In a recent collaboration with Brittania Born, “Light Arrives”, we are transported to the present blissful space of dance and ecstatic unification. “Panther” and “Gypsy Side Show” showcase the hauntingly seductive melodies that make Govinda’s music so distinctive. Overall, “Luminance” is the collective light of Govinda’s inspiring music. Some older songs are revisited on this EP such as “Om Tare” and “Angel Freezing”; a new set of beats and tones now accompany the familiar melodies to further deepen the experience of the music.


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