Undocument “Pleasures”

Undocument PleasuresLong Beach, California producer / artist UNDOCUMENT will be releasing his brand new video for “This Lullaby”, the first single from his latest release “Pleasures” on July 3rd, 2014 through his YouTube and Vimeo video channels.

The imaginative feature was directed by undocument and stars “This Lullaby” vocalist MaQui Sainz in the lead role, amid creepy mannequins, ornate costumes, and stunningly detailed make-up and hair, all overlaid with numerous mysterious and provocative projections. It was produced and filmed entirely on set at Sound Matrix Studios in Fountain Valley, California.

The look of the inspired video combines Bjork and Ellie Goulding together with a delicate touch of elements inspired from 80’s fantasy movies like The Neverending Story and Labyrinth, and ultimately take the lyrical imagery of the song in a new direction both visually and thematically.

I’m really excited to be able to bring ‘This Lullaby’ to life with its own music video,” UNDOCUMENT says.MaQui not only has a phenomenal voice, she had a lot of wonderful ideas and had a great expressive attitude on camera.”

UNDOCUMENT’s debut album, the ambitious and instrumental “For Lovers, Dreamers & Non-Believers” was released in 2012 to positive acclaim, has been followed up with his newest release “Pleasures”, boasting eighteen original songs including his first ever collaboration with vocalist MaQui Sainz on “This Lullaby”.

But it’s not the first time UNDOCUMENT has produced his own video. The memorable shoot for “A Flood Of Ghosts”, took him and his small crew to a local park on a location shoot, where amusingly enough, a photographers club was meeting to shoot the wildlife. With a alien film crew exciting the flora and faun a, the aspiring paparazzi ended up shooting the lead actress instead of the birds and the trees.


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