Psycho & Plastic – Gold/Rush(Stream)

Psycho & Plastic - Gold RushGold/Rush (GiveUsYourGOLD, May 30th 2014), Psycho & Plastic’s second double-A-sided single continues their journey of psychedelic electronica through the year 2014. Compared to their previous outing Jello/Sugar (GOLD002), the Berlin based duo crank up the pitch a notch and transport us deep into their idiosyncratic universe of sounds.
“Gold” sees us bouncing right along the edge of spontaneous combustion. We surf on synthesizer-waves through a Berlin gilding itself. Nocturnal creatures rustle and scuttle on this shiny surface, under which a menacing bass rumble tells an altogether different story. But before the overheated city bursts into flames, “Rush” hurls us towards the rainforest. In this jungle, exotic silicon based lifeforms, synths and guitars snake through the thicket. A clearance lets us take a short breather, then a flood of modulations sweeps us away through the canopy.


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