Anja Schneider -Dubmission EP (Preview)

Anja Schneider “Dubmissionmobilee 130 – Anja Schneider “Dubmission
Can You Feel It feat. Parsifal Marin
Can You Feel It (Instrumental)
Release: June, 2014

Named after the weekly Dubmission parties at the storied E-Werks nightclub, the latest release from Anja Schneider relays the sounds of her earliest musical experiences in 1990s Berlin, where DJs like Kid Paul powered the party, and amplifies the techno spirit of the old electrical substation for broadcast worldwide.

Further transmissions are detected within the bubbling techno of “Revolution,” inspired by the political upheaval throughout the world, as well as shifts within the dance music scene itself, and on “Can You Feel It,” which features a spoken word dispatch by vocalist Parsifal Marin of Brussels Pony Club that continues the long house music tradition of club tunes about rave experiences.

From Mr. Finger to Miss Kittin to Seth Troxler, many of the most memorable cuts in house music history spell out, with spoken words, the experience of clubbing while in the club itself. Meta-musical moment found to be effective on the dance floor. So it goes with “Can You Feel It,” the latest by Anja Schneider to pay homage to the Chicago greats, following last spring’s Ron Hardy-inspired “Hey,” which became an instant fave when Anja dropped it at the always in demand Mobilee rooftop parties in Barcelona.

Expect the same response in summer 2014, when “Dubmission,” and flipsides “Can You Feel It” and “Revolution,” hit the ears of sun-kissed partiers worldwide.


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