Huoratron – DDoS (Official Music Video)

The highly anticipated Acid Reign EP from Huoratron arrives on the 7th July. Released on Last Gang Records, the home of Crystal Castles, MSTRKRFT, Ryan Hemsworth and Purity Ring, the 3 track EP follows on from his debut album Cryptocracy which won Bronze in the European Design Awards.

Huoratron was formed as a dogmatic underground art concept: in his origins he took limited technology in the form of Gameboys, and forced the gadgets to spit out a distorted wall of sound like no-one had done before. The equipment has evolved in a logical progression with the music ever since.

The man behind the moniker of Huoratron, Aku Raski, has a multitude of forces at work within him. On one hand he is an intuitive artist and composer, an alchemist of the esoteric art of sound. On the other hand he is a scientist, who crafts sounds and beats with the care of a 17th century violin-maker. And he is also a performer – a bearded showman who moshes his way into the hearts of his audiences.


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