Global Underground Solomun – ‘#GU40 Hamburg’ (Global Underground)

GU-Solomun Hamburg Extra Music new
Global Underground proudly present their celebratory eighteenth year and landmark #GU40 City Series release with none other than Solomun at the helm devoting the episode to his hometown, Hamburg.

Crowned ‘DJ of the Year’ by Mixmag, and ‘Best Producer’ at the DJ Awards Ibiza in 2012, responsible for not one, but two of the largest events during the Ibiza summer season of recent years and running the seminal DIYnamic record label imprint, Solomun has become one of the most infamous DJs in the world of late.

Solomun’s GU mix is very much a game of two halves. The two disc compendium features the likes of the soulful new glitch­house burner from Christian Loffler, through to cuts from Oliver Huntemann, Karl Friedrich, Fango, Alter Ego, a timeless classic from Ada, Boris Werner, Audiojack, Broken Bells, Sevensol & Bender, Avatism, Mooryc, and The Rice Twins. CD1 is a mix that takes its cues from the epic electronic output of forward­facing labels like Kompakt and Krakatau while CD 2 takes things towards a more peak­time vibe but crucially, the emotional resonance remains.

The album launch party coincided with the closing of Solomun’s infamous club in Hamburg, Ego, so the mix also closed a chapter of his life. Like fellow Hamburg house hero Tensnake, Mladen has been very loyal to the German city where the Beatles cut their live chops and where clubs like Front gave the city its beating house music heart in the early 1990s.

I grew up in Hamburg and until recently, lived there all my life. There are 2 million people in the city but where I lived it was like a village, you know where to hang out and where to grab a coffee. My sister and my mother and my best friends all live there… Hamburg will be always home.Solomun

Label: Global Underground
Cat no: GU040CD
Released: Monday September 1st, 2014


1 Christian Loffler – Blind (KI Records)
2 Mooryc – Simply (Mo´s Ferry Productions)
3 Sevensol & Bender – Captain Trollig (Kann Records)
4 Avatism – Different Spaces (Vakant)
5 Lake People – Point in Time (Krakatau Records)6 Pional – It´s All Over (Hivem Discs)
7 Jonas Mantey – Sie Ist Schoen (Stil Vor Talent)
8 Bonobo – Cirrus (Ninja Tune)
9 DJ Phono – New Year Eve (Diynamic)
10 Animal Trainer – Dragon Games (Katermukke)
11 Superpitcher – Heroin (Kompakt)
12 Broken Bells – Holding On For Life – Solomun Remix (Sony UK)
13 PLANNINGTOROCK – Let´s Talk About Gender (PlanningToRock)
14 Jai Paul – Jasmine
15 SOHN – The Wheel


1 Margot – Voice Chord (Kill The DJ)
2 Oliver Huntemann – Schatten (Ideal Audio)
3 Solomun – Medea (Diynamic)
4 Sossa – Moog (Chronovision Ibiza)
5 Manuelle Musik & Steffen Sonnenschein – Adonis (Miteinander Musik)
6 Daniel Avery – Naive Response (Because Music)
7 Oliver Giacomotto – Lovin Berlin (Definitive Recordings)
8 Karl Friedrich – Claps (Hommage)
9 Audiojack – Machine Code (Gruuv)
10 Fango – Wek (Despejado Mix) Degustibus
11 Radio Slave – My Bleep (Roman Fluegel Mix) (Rekids)
12 Voiski – Ad Infinitum (Construct Reform Records)
13 The Rice Twins – For Penny & Alexis (Kompakt)
14 Alter Ego – Gary (Boys Club Mix) (Alter Ego)
15 Ada – BUM BUM


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