Nery – 33 LP +Silent Light ft. Margo(Video)(Madluv Records)


mluv001Portuguese DJ and producer, João Nery – AKA Nery – presents his debut album, 33, on new label Madluv Records; a collection of 12 spellbinding electronic tracks.

On 33, Nery blends electronic and acoustic patterns, proving that having different influences can result in something special. If “Silent Light” brings the uttermost Flying Lotus feelings, “Snake’s Head” pushes soul to a modern era.

Each track presents something fresh: from the organic and delicate textures in tracks, “Give U” and “Mom”, where Teebs and Shigeto can be felt on the horizon, to a dauntless and original pop beat in “Jealous” or to the dance between synths and guitars in “Jigsaw About Noise Known Illusion” like a kind of aurora borealis.

The Portuguese producer spent more time in studios, while recording musicians, than actually producing his tracks. Nery summoned 14 artists, including jazz musicians, percussionists, singers and producers, including; Soia and Elisa…

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