Ricardo Villalobos & Umho AKA Ricmho – Melo De Melo Released on Drumma Records (Preview)


06ueo-1gzjfv9m9cocgookmathqwobbldm1_gsnpp_0vmcuypvifj1xj2oadhp5v1j7igxwvul3namebcbwmyiaqcous2048The rich tapestry of Chilean music is celebrated as Drumma Records turns 5 years old with the long awaited debut collaborative project between two special electronic music personalities from their home country, as Ricardo Villalobos and Umho known as Ricmho release ‘Melo De Melo’.

Villalobos and Umho have a friendship that spans over twenty years and Luis Ordenes AKA Umho has frequently played alongside Villalobos for his most important sets. The tracks were produced last winter in Berlin during their tour together and this is the first time the two of them will release together on their beloved vinyl format.

The bond that Ricardo and Umho share for Latin American music is evident in both tracks, these are rhythmic and textural microworlds combined with unrivalled syncopation and evocative melodies beholding fundamental traits of the Latin American continent’s culture and integral elements of this duo’s musical language.

‘Melo De Melo’ celebrates…

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