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Punx Soundcheck – ‘From The Roots’ Album +Free download ‘Rocker Time Style

Posted in Bass, Electronic, Grime, Promotions on March 5, 2010 by dk

Punx Soundcheck – ‘From The Roots’ (HTTWRKCD02)

A heavy dancefloor affair…” – DJ Mag

Free download Rocker Time Style (Radio Edit)

‘FROM THE ROOTS’ is the third album from Punx Soundcheck, with strong radio and club support from the likes of Kissy Sellout (Radio 1), Annie Nightingale (Radio 1), Eddy Temple-Morris (XFM), Larry Tee, Tronik Youth, Mark Moore, Brandon Block, Tittsworth, and many more. “From The Roots” was recently released on download and coming very soon on limited CD Digipak.
This album represents Punx Soundcheck’s year zero; a journey through their truest influences and into new directions, their most cohesive and complete album so far. Bringing together the music that shaped them and the music that’s shaping their future, ‘From The Roots’ traverses disco and house, reggae and dubstep, electro and (old) rave, all the while sounding effortlessly and elegantly modern.

Tracks from the summer of 09’s ‘Cassette Eject’ EP make a welcome return on the album, while the club favourites ‘Cassette’ and ‘Youth’ are joined by a brand new reworking of ‘Arcade Pony’.
November saw the single release of the nouveau filtered disco monster ‘Whoa’, it’s twisted cut-up style eyeing up the dancefloor with serious intent.
Musical Youth’s Dennis Seaton provides reggae credentials and guest vocals on ‘Good Love’ while newcomer to the Punx Soundcheck fold Sim: One rocks it on ‘Badboy Sound’ and future single ‘Keep It Flowing’. Regular guest C. Monts gives us what-for on ‘Slip Disc’ and narrates the theme music of the best film never made with ‘Rocker Time Style’, coming on like John Carpenter if he’d grown up in Dalston…

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Download Starkey -Stars (Slugabed remix) +NME Radar mix

Posted in Bass, Dj Mix, Dub Step, Electronic, Funky on March 4, 2010 by dk

Download: Starkey – ‘Stars (Slugabed remix)

Download Starkey NME Radar mix

Track listing:

01 – Starkey ft. Cerebral Vortex & Buddy Leezle “Club Games” (planet mu)
02 – Starkey “OK Luv” (planet mu)
03 – Starkey “Millennia” (planet mu)
04 – Tayo meets Acid Rockers ft. Pupajim “Vampayaa (Starkey remix)” (cool & deadly)
05 – Swindle “Airmiles” (planet mu)
06 – Grems ft. Foreign Beggars “Brokabilly” (dub)
07 – Mensah “Pulse 80’s” (hench)
08 – Kingdom “DPM / Juke Ya Girl Remix (Extended)” (dub)
09 – Starkey “Capsule” (planet mu)
10 – Numan “Skull Crusher (Bombaman remix)” (slit jockey)
11 – DNAEBEATS ft. NastyNasty “Aqua Bubble Hash” (seclusiasis)
12 – Rudi Zygadlo “Resealable Friendship (Slugabed’s Special Friends Deepest Holes remix)” (planet mu)
13 – EPROM “Humanoid VIP” (dub)
14 – Starkey “Spacecraft” (planet mu)
15 – Kaiser “Lost in an Analogue Dream” (slit jockey)
16 – 8Bitch “G41” (slit jockey)
17 – Starkey ft. Anneka “Stars” (planet mu)

Paul Pre new mixes

Posted in Bass, Dj Mix, Dub Step, Electronic, Experimental, Funky, Glitch, Hip Hop, Promotions on March 3, 2010 by dk

Podcast #4 x 20 – mixed by Paul Pre:
1. Ben Jones – Stereosine
2. Lewis McCallum – Fly Or Die
3. Reggie B – Belief
4. Karriem Riggins – 12’S In 8
5. Big Gigantic – Foxy
6. Olivier Daysoul – Brain
7. Mike Slott – Knock Knock
8. Mndsgn – O.Gawd
9. Frank N Dank – Shut It Down (Devonwho Remix)
10. Floating Points – Vacuum Boogie
11. Rainer Trüby – To Know You
12. Motor City Drum Ensemble Raw Cuts #5
13. Dj Sprinkles – Midtown 120 Blues
14. Roska – Sheppard
15. Tom Trago – Passion
16. Dj Technic – Gabryelle (D-Malice Refix)
17. Bassjackers & Apster – Klambu
18. Roska – Gone To A Better Place
19. Fever Ray – Seven (Martyn Remix)
20. Seiji – Tumbledown
21. Apple De – Siegalizer
22. Jan Driver – Rat Alert
23. Dorian Concept – Trilingual Dance Sexperience
24. Joker – Output 1 & 2
25. The Widdler – Final Stage
26. Goldielocks – Fuckabout
27. Reso – Spooky
28. Loefah – Disko Rekah
29. 16 Bit – Cobra
30. Datsik – Nuke ‘Em
31. Eskmo – Trudge
32. Joker & Ginz – Re Up

vast Podcast #3 – mixed by Paul Pre | the fLako special
or direct download

1. Robot Koch vs Cerebral Vortex – Vortex Cookies (fLako Rmx)
2. Kazi – You Wanna Take This (fLako Remix)
3. fLako – Ring Di
4. fLako – The Up Wind
5. fLako – Hump
6. fLako – Failure
7. fLako – Footprints
8. fLako – Do You (Instrumental)

vast Podcast #2 – mixed by Paul Pre
or direct download

1. Griffi – Esto Es Serio
2. Dâm-Funk – Hood Pass Intact
3. Zapp – More Bounce To The Ounce
4. Olivier Daysoul – Dance
5. Platinum Pied Pipers – Deep Inside (Feat. Sa-Ra Creative Partners)
6. O. Boogie – Paper Chaser (Tom Trago Remix)
7. Waajeed – Tron
8. Owusu & Hannibal – Delirium (Up Hygh Remix)
9. Simbad – Soul Fever
10. Baron Zen – Burn Rubber (Dâm-Funk Remix)
11. Pete Philly & Perquisite – Mellow (Morgan Spacek Remix)
12. Floating Points – Love Me Like This
13. Architeq – Sleeping Bear Lament (James Pants Remix)
14. Funkineven 1956 – Kleer Feat. Fatima
15. Dâm-Funk – Mirrors

vast Podcast #1 – mixed by Paul Pre

or direct download
1. Dizz1 – Here We Go Again
2. Mono/Poly – Ms-14
3. Bretzel Zoo – The Dunk
4. Architeq – Sleeping Bear Lament (Take Remix)
5. Débruit – K.O. Debout
6. Robot Koch – Gorom Sen (Shlomo Remix)
7. Akira Kiteshi – Boom N Pow
8. Mark Pritchard & Om’mas Keith – Wind It Up
9. Joker & Ginz – Stash
10. Hudson Mohawke – Fuse
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Kuedo RA.196

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Jamie Vex’d dons his Kuedo moniker for a delightfully wonky mix of bass music.

Even if you only have a passing interest in the more sub-heavy end of dance music, chances are you’ll have heard of Vex’d. Jamie Teasdale and Roly Porter’s fusion of dubstep with industrial and UK rave music on 2005’s Degenerate album paved the way for countless international and festival appearances. Tiring of the hectic schedule and life in London, the pair decided to move from the city in early ’07, with Roly heading west to Bristol and Jamie jetting to Berlin. Unfortunately, this meant that producing collaborative Vex’d material for their planned second album was a slow and difficult process, and they consequently decided to each focus on their own solo material. Jamie has been the more prolific of the two thus far, again aligning himself with Mike Paradinas’ Planet Mu imprint for 12-inches both as Jamie Vex’d, and more recently under his new Kuedo moniker.

The recent material has seen Teasdale move away from the dark and industrial dubstep sound of Vex’d, instead taking inspiration from the new wave of off-kilter beatsmiths that have emerged in the post-Dilla era. His fantastically wonky take on Scuba’s “The Upside” was the first track to hint at his stylistic change, but the two solo EPs that followed have cemented his reputation as both a formidable and versatile producer, featuring nods to blissful electronic jazz, kaleidoscopic dubstep and even ambient music.(RA)

Published / 01 March 2010
Filesize / 59.32 MB
Length / 00:49:25

Download Kuedo RA.196


The Creatures – Morning Dawning – Wonderland
Mike Slott – Snow Birds Expansion – LuckyMe
Kuedo – Glow – Planet Mu
Kuedo – Joy Construction – Planet Mu
Krystal Klear – Boogie Wan
Om Unit – Lightgrids – All City Records
Little Dragon – A New (Clay Moon remix) – Peacefrog
Mount Kimbie – At Least (Instra:mental remix) – Hotflush Recordings
Kuedo – Shutter Light Girl – Planet Mu
Kuedo – Shutter Light Girl (Falty DL remix) – Planet Mu
Computer Jay – Maintain (Ikonika remix) – Ramp Recordings
Rudi Zygadlo – Resealable Friendship (Slugabed remix) – Planet Mu
Slugabed – Take Off (Kuedo remix) – Ramp Recordings
Starkey – Ok Luv (Instrumental) – Planet Mu
Kuedo – Starfox – Planet Mu
Zomby – Mercury’s Rainbow
Rudi Zygadlo – Resealable Friendship (Doshy remix) – Planet Mu
Diplo – Boi (Zomby remix)
SDUK – Clunge – Slit Jockey Records
Starkey – Pressure Points – Planet Mu
Sully – In Some Pattern – Keysound Recordings
Ramadanman – Work It
Tiago – Babel Fish – Rush Hour
Low Limit – Trapper Keeper
Loops Haunt – Rubber Sun Grenade – Fortified Audio
Comanechi – Close Enough to Kiss (Ghost Hunter remix) – Merok
Clark – Future Daniel – Warp Records
Alva Noto – Xerrox Phaser Acat 1 – Raster-Noton
Tim Hecker – Harmony in Blue II – Kranky
Mike Slott – The Now – LuckyMe

Xinir Komorov – The Hidden Tape

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Xinir Komorov – The Hidden Tape
Weed Smokers – Cluekid
Screwball – DJG
Along The Path – Djunya
Running Through (Elemental Remix) – Hektagon
2 Faced Rasta (Reso Remix) – Rob Sparx
Sandsnake – Skream & Cluekid
Autopilot – Suspicious Stench
Hyper Sun – Black Sun Empire
Mmmmm – Hatcha & Kromestar
Jagz The Smack – Rustie
Pressure – Tek-One
Slow Moe – Subscape
Trust Nobody – SP:MC
Shadow Skanking – DJG
Reggae – Tes La Rok
Roots Dyed Dark (Skream Remix) – Marc Ashken
Quantization Error – Datsik
Speakers Corner (Eskmo & Antiserum Remix) – Quest & Eskmo
Nomad (Scuba Remix) – Distance
Don’t Mess About – Crissy Criss
Sensi Samurai – The Widdler
The Blank (16Bit Remix) – Skism
Frontline – Cookie Monsta
Comb 60s – Benga
Duel – Benga
Rottan – Skream
Deep Pools – iTAL tEK

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Download Starkey – 1xtra Mix

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originally broadcast on Redlight’s show on BBC 1xtra

Download Starkey – 1xtra Mix

01 – Starkey “Fidelio” (planet mu)
02 – SDUK “Clunge” (slit jockey)
03 – Slugabed “Ultra Heat Treated” (planet mu)
04 – Kuedo “Glow” (planet mu)
05 – NastyNasty “Four Letter Word” (dub)
06 – Starkey “Rain City” (rwina)
07 – R. Kelly “Bangin the Headboard” (jive)
08 – Mosca “Square One (Bok Bok remix)” (night slugs)
09 – Kaiser “Lost in an Analogue Dream” (slit jockey)
10 – Gorilla Zoe “Lost (Starkey remix)” (adult swim/bad boy south)
11 – Starkey “Capsule” (planet mu)
12 – Starkey ft. Badness “OK Luv” (planet mu)
13 – Gemmy “The Midnite Drive” (dub)
14 – Kano “Rock N Roller (Starkey remix)” (bpm)
15 – Bon Iver “Woods (Starkey remix)” (dub)

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WR1NG – Middle Centre Ep

Posted in Bass, Dub Step, Electronic on December 24, 2009 by dk

Groove Chronicles dubstep subalabel – DPR Recs – move onto darker terrain with three dubby breaks cuts from Czech veteran Wr1ng. The acid lines and bashy big-beats of ‘Hard Rida’ strongly remind of Meat Beat Manifesto, while ‘Wikid’ works out rolling breaks syncopations inna Dubchild style and the mystical ‘Trippin Dub’ gives nods to Adrian Sherwood or Celt Islam.(boomkat,listen,buy here)

WR1NG – Middle Centre Ep
Released: Dec 2009
Catalogue Number: DPRDUBZMC001