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Scarlette Fever – You Don’t Know My Name (download Justin Wilkes Remix)

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Scarlette Fever
‘You Don’t Know My Name / Lovestruck’
Label: Starfisch Records
Release Date: October 26th

Scarlette Fever – You Don’t Know My Name (Justin Wilkes Remix)Download

Scarlette Fever is the latest new sensation to emerge from the UK, her songs and sound containing in them vivid evocations of a life lived and loves lost, rather than callow youthful platitudes. You Don’t Know My Name is the lead single from her debut album Medication Time and will be released digitally as part of her Sticky Fingers EP on 26th October.
You Don’t Know My Name indulges your aural sensitivities on a hauntingly, beautiful journey of Scarlette’s love from a far. The song is cleverly built around a sample of John Barry’s Midnight Cowboy that mixes a touch of pedal steel with a gorgeous melody that drifts like dry ice. With a compulsive love of film and music, John Barry is “as good as it gets” and for Scarlette Fever it was an honour and an incredible validation to be given the blessing of the eminent composer who rarely clears the adaptation of his music.

So impressed was Barry that he asked Scarlette to record a song from his farewell to film scoring tribute ‘The Beyondness of Things’. Don Black specially created the lyrics for ‘Give Me A Smile’. It is a reflective soundtrack that perfectly demonstrates Scarlette’s affinity with all things epic. “It was the hardest song on my album to record,” she admits. “I’m lucky to have been afforded such an opportunity at this stage in my career.”

Scarlette’s debut album, ‘Medication Time’ will be released early next year and follows a distinct theme, one of “chocolate, coffee, wine, self-help books whatever it takes. These are the ‘medications’ I use and often, in excess to deal with the highs and lows of life. Of course, my ultimate medication is my music, there’s a song for every mood swing.”
Sticky Fingers EP will feature remixes of You Don’t Know My Name from Loverush UK! and a chilled out version from Kiss 100’s very own Justin Wilkes. Finishing the EP are remixes of Scarlette’s track Lovestruck

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If you like cafe del mar compilations or (lately) served chilled from hed kandi, you will like this too,take a listen first,you can expect at this compilations for sure !

New extra promo from DXR-Jay Riordan -Time to Chillage

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We have a promo track from the forth coming artist compilation vol2 on DublinXpress recordings for you (its)Time to Chillage,Enjoy!!!

Jay Riordan -Time to Chillage

The track is by Jay Riordan and has elements of down tempo beats / acoustic bass / classical strings and fused with techno synths.
The track has been compared to clubbed to death track featured in the matrix movies , but we’ll leave that verdict up to you, all feed back is very welcome and greatly appreciated.

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