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*Extra Promo* Coralcola – 747 EP

Posted in Ambient, Dubby Techno, Electronic, Experimental, Promotions, Tech House on February 14, 2009 by J.D.

Ouch! Finally we have this promo for you and ouch is top track!dont forget to say something,your opinion its very important!
Inside info from Coralcola:
Inside you’ll find the new EP, as well as some promo material.
I’m relieved to finally release the EP.
After a computer crash and an external hard drive malfunction I didn’t think it would happen, but I guess third time’s a charm.
Hope you enjoy the tunes….Thanks for downloading.

Release notes:

Coralcola – 747
Cassingle Club
37 Minutes

1. The Best
2. Ouch
3. Stag Highway
4. It’s Always Sunny In Boston
5. Sleep Is For Dreamers

100 hand-numbered tapes
each with a 1″ pin
and a 320kbps mp3 download

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*Promotional Stuff arrived via email ,send your stuffs via e mail or soundcloud,promote yourself…!!!
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